The Gaslight Anthem, Birmingham 02 Academy, 23/11/14

Opening with stone-cold classic ‘The ’59 Sound’, fans bulge veins as they shout back every word. Lunging straight into ‘Handwritten’, it’s amazing just far Fallon and co have come – their heart-on-sleeve, ass-on-bar lyrics, channelled through Springsteen, Buffalo Tom and many more, have a startling connection with so many people.

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Superfood – Don’t Say That

If you were given a copy of Superfood’s new record, bereft of album details and year of production, you’d be hard-pressed to guess just which era this has emerged from; doffing their caps to yesterbaggy, Britpop and everything in between, the Birmingham band’s long-awaited debut album is a delightful collection of wobbly pop and infectious, sun-drenched hooks.

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