Marina and the Diamonds, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton 09/10/12

Foxes had just taken to the stage and the 22 year old singer has recently been taking some headlines around the country, so I was interested to see whether the hype was deserved. She works as a great support for the headline act tonight with an energetic performance, encouraging the crowd to involve themselves with songs. Foxes has made a good impression tonight wowing the crowd with upcoming single “Echo” and will have definitely gained some new fans with a good reception following final track of the night “Youth”. With a confident performance it shouldn’t be too long before we see her on headline tours of her own.
Following a little wait for Marina to descend on to the stage it’s difficult not to be in awe of the fantastic stage set up which gives insight into her ability to give her music context and gives the audience a visual experience as well as an auditory one. As Marina comes on stage she kicks straight into “Homewrecker” and it sets the atmosphere for the whole night with the crowd hanging on every word she sings. Her supporting band all smartly dressed to fit with the themes of her Electra Heart album but the undeniable focal point of this performance is her spine tingling vocals which are very impressive. Elegantly moving around the stage to the crowd’s delight, they get involved with big crowd singalongs to “I am Not a Robot” and “Bubblegum Bitch” which is just wonderful. “Starring Role” becomes a standout live track with a cross between an acoustic rendition and full band with the great switch up half way through the track to keeping crowd engaged. For her encore following a set of just over an hour she plays a beautiful version of “Teen Idle” just Marina and her piano, reflecting her real abundance of talent followed by the finale of her very contrasting single “How to be a Heartbreaker” which gets the crowd bouncing along which has been going on almost all night.
 With two LP’s under her belt, Family Jewels and Electra Heart, which she has utilised well during tonight’s performance, Marina has shown that her personal goal of being one of the top artists within the UK is indeed in reach and her ambitions to achieve this status make her such a phenomenal show woman. Everything from her props, backdrop and set list have been well thought through to offer the audience exactly what they want in a live show, keeping it constantly fresh and interesting, it’s about time she began reaping the rewards of her hard work. The Wulfrun Hall may not have been a sell out but everyone is leaving with smiles on the faces and will be sure to spread the word of how faultless the night and Marina’s performance were.
Photography by Russ Tierney 
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