Bonobo to play Birmingham Institute

Bringing ‘The North Borders Tour’ back to Birmingham, Bonobo will be bringing a catalogue of tunes taken from his most recent tour-titled album to The Institute later this month.
If it will be anything like his headlining show last year at Moseley’s ‘Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival’, Simon Green will be bringing Bonobo back with some old and new tunes, decorative bass and delicious grooves, but this time with a full band line up of percussion, guitars, bass, full brass section and tasty vocals.
The Institute will for sure be a palate of avid gig junkies after their fix of melodic jazz filled electronica, which will make for a fantastic evening of dance, harmonic beats and plenty of fun.
You can book your tickets here, and listen to the track, ‘Cirrus,’ below.
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