Band of the Day #259: Home Schooled

Band: Home Schooled
Hometown: Cannock
For fans of: Title Fight, Balance and Composure, Citizen
Online: Facebook | Bandcamp

Today’s Band of the Day is Cannock’s Home Schooled.   Forming in 2014, the band are establishing themselves as one of the brightest stars of the emerging emo/alternative scene in the Midlands.    Lyrically, they are emotional, honest and heartfelt; musically they combine the raw heavy hitting sound of bands such as Title Fight and Citizen, and like Title Fight and other bands that no doubt inspire them, they have the potential to continue to grow and evolve their music.  With the help of producer Bob Cooper, the band have managed to recreate how I imagine their writing process is: three guys in a room, jamming until it just feels right and with so much music nowadays feeling forced and synthetic, Home Schooled could be the band that the West Midlands needs.

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